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The way you layout your lens page will ultimately influence how well your lens pages rank and how many visitors you send to the sites you promote. When you log into your lens page, you can edit your lens layout in any way you like.

Some important information to include in your lens include your biography. People like to learn about the person selling information to them or providing them with “expert” advice, so don’t skimp on your bio.

Many times, users simply put a backlink into the bio section that links back to their Blog bio or other personal page, like an “about us” page on a website. Add a picture if you can, because this simple tactic also creates greater legitimacy in the minds of those viewing your lens page.

If you aren’t sure what to put, take some time to look at other people’s Squidoo pages to get an idea of what information and the types of pictures they put in their pages.

Once you create your bio, you will have the choice of making your bio your “default” bio. Unless you want all your lens pages to share the same bio, you should not check this box. You may want a different bio especially if you plan to promote blogs or affiliate pages marketing different types of products. You want to highlight your skills and expertise in each unique area.


Want to be seen as an expert but lack the “credentials” to do so? Most people build their credentials by learning as much as they can on a subject and writing frequently and often on it.

One way you can promote your knowledge is by labeling yourself as a “critic” or “fan.” As a critic, you can spend time reviewing subjects and providing subjective opinion on them. You can link your opinions to factual data, supporting your knowledge of a subject.

You can also limit your liability by proclaiming your status as an “devotee” rather than an expert.

When creating your bio, be sure to include a brief quip.

One thing you do not want to do is Spam the site. To avoid an accusation of Spam, most Squidoo.com experts recommend you limit the accounts you have on a subject to 10, and offer more than one product for each account.

The more products you offer, the more you look like an expert, and the less you look like a self-promoting bully out to promote just one product or site. Remember, most “experts” are also linked with multiple sites and products, so you want to offer a good portfolio of information so people perceive you have a wide knowledge base in several different areas.

Tip 2

One way to lose credibility fast is to promote too many things through your Squidoo.com lens pages. Think about it. If you are the “expert” or “devotee” of a certain product or service, then you should promote one or a handful of products in that field. You are likely to lose credibility if you claim you are an expert in many different topics, like real estate, Internet marketing and book promotions for example.

So limit your core areas to one or two subjects. This will help you gain the credibility you need to excel on Squidoo.

Tags and Traffic

For every item you add to Squidoo.com you can create 20 tags for your lens. A tag is for all intents, a meta tag. Tags are similar to site descriptions, so you want to create tags that or “labels” for your lens that are filled with keyword rich terms or phrases to promote your site and improve your page rank.

You should always use research to identify the best keywords to use as tags for your lens. For example, use the keyword selector tool at Overture.com to identify popular keywords or keyword phrases you can use as tags for your site.

Content and Copy

Just like the content on your sales page is important for the success of your Website, so too is the copy you write for your lens page. Your introduction and the body of your lens page should include strong and compelling copy that will encourage visitors to click through the links you have on your page.

The introduction or first paragraph of your page will be most important, because this is the first part of your page that will attract the visitor’s attention. If you do not have a dynamic headline and do not provide interesting and compelling information, visitors will skip on to another page.

Here are some tips for creating great copy for your intro paragraphs and page:

  • Keep your information short and concise.

  • Provided targeted and helpful information.

  • Explain clearly what benefits you plan to provide your visitors.

Some people find the easiest way to keep people interested in simply writing a review of the site or products they promote as their introductory paragraph. If you have a succinct and enticing description, you will attract more click-throughs.

If you can, also include an image of your product so people are more likely to click-through and get more information about what it is you offer.

Focus on your credibility and the benefits your product or service provides to others…

Remember, people do not want to see blatant sales copy, even though your copy must be strong. They want to read between the lines, and confirm you are an expert in the subject you talk about.

What About Modules?

Squidoo.com also uses modules to promote lens pages. Modules are nothing more than information boxes with content in them you add to your lens page. Typically you include modules after your introduction.

There are many customized modules you can add, including those offered by Amazon and eBay, promoting products listed on these pages. You can use one of these customized modules to promote your book or other products on Amazon or eBay for example.

Remember, your lens and your modules should be a subtle advertisement, not a walking classified ad. You want to keep the copy on your page relevant and valuable. Provide information your visitors may not find elsewhere, to entice them to click through to your sites and products.

Most people recommend you use between three to five modules containing relevant and hard-to-find information on your lens page. This will help improve your ranking and entice people to click through the links you put on your lens page.

Now, keep in mind you will not earn a lot of money from your modules alone. If for example, you select Adsense, Amazon and eBay modules as your primary source of income from Squidoo, you will probably make $100 extra dollars a month or around there. Where you make your real money is by increasing traffic to your WebPages and selling people on the products and services you offer or affiliate market there.

You can also use pre-made “write” modules on Squidoo.com that will allow you to link to your opt-in lists, a terrific way to help boost the amount of people you have signing up for your lists.

Another way to use a “write” module is to provide an intro to an articles page you may have on ezinearticles.com or another popular article-hosting directory. Once someone clicks through to your article, they will find your resource box to your webpage at the bottom of your article.

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